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Sunday-Saturday 10am-9pm

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Fairmont Hotel Spa Services (view salon services)


Body Massages

Signature Massage

Customized massage techniques based on the needs of your body. Starting on your back, we focus and concentrate on your stress areas with partial use of hot stones to relax and improve circulation in your back muscles, arms, legs and feet. After completing your massage, we finish with a relaxing scalp massage.

  • 75 min.$178

Amadeus Massage

Our awarding winning massage technicians will customize your massage with a combination of techniques to make your Amadeus Massage experience exceptional.

  • 30 min.$78
  • 45 min.$98
  • 60 min.$128
  • 90 min.$189

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

The Deep massage is designed for the massage experienced individual and not recommended for beginners. Focused on deep tissue work to target sore muscles and moving lactic acid out of the system. Drink plenty of water and expect mild soreness.

  • 60 min.$148
  • 75 min.$178
  • 90 min.$218

Back to Bliss

A perfect remedy for the achy tense back. It begins with an aromatic heat pack on the back to relax and loosen your tired muscles. Followed by a concentrated and thorough deep tissue full back massage working out the kinks and knots that cause fatigue and pain. A penetrating muscle reliever balm will be applied to keep your muscles relaxed.

  • 45 min.$148


This massage is designed to pamper the mother to be and at the same time work on sore spots, relax muscles, and improve circulation. Recommended for wellness on your second and third trimester to ease the transition of your body to motherhood.

  • 60 min.$138


Reflexology is a healing method of ancient Asian cultures. This unique massage technique applied to specific points on the feet and hands which correspond to points located throughout the body to bring balance to your body’s organs. While your feet are soaking in aromatic oils your neck and shoulder will be massaged to relieve stress and tension.

  • 30 min.$78
  • 60 min.$138

Neck Nirvana

Experience a whole new realm of neck massage! A harmonizing combination of essential oil and warm, steamed towels melt away your tension and soothe sore muscles. With the focus on trigger points and stretching of the neck and shoulders, the weight of the world will gently be released.

  • 45 min.$108

Body Massage Enhancements

Aromatherapy Oils - Add $20

Natural powerful scent of botanic aromatic oils combined with massage balances the nervous system and energy channels.

Aromatherapy Neck Wrap - Add $20

Add on a scalp massage during your massage or body service to invigorate and condition your often neglected scalp!

Scalp Treatment - Add $20

Add on a scalp massage during your massage or body service to invigorate and condition your often neglected scalp!

Exfoliation Foot Scrub - Add $20

Invigorate cleanse and soften your feet! Doesn’t replace a professional pedicure but will help soften those tired feet.

Cold Stone Face Massage - Add $20

Soothe and refresh your tired face with a massage using cold river stones. These add on cold stones will make you feel glorious!

Foot Reflexology (15 minutes) - Add $20

An extra 15 minutes to take care of those overworked feet. Our therapist will target those tired areas and make you walk a little lighter.

Rescue Me Dry Heel Treatment - Add $20

For those dry cracked heels, there is no product that works better than “Rescue Me” from Get Fresh. Your technician will warm your feet with hot towels, scrub and massage a layer of nourishment of Rescue Me to condition your feet. Bring a bottle home to keep your heels sandal ready!


Spa Therapies

Roman Body Facial

Body Gommage buffs and prepares your body for a unique blend of aromatic essential oils, mixed into a rich remineralizing masque, that seal in moisture and tones your entire body. Get cocooned in thermal blanket while your therapist massages your scalp. You will steam shower the special concoction off. Finally, a hydrating lotion will be applied to seal in the moisture. If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to be Caesar or Cleopatra, this is it!

  • 90 min. $178

Kona Loofah Glow

This is a dry loofah treatement where your therapist will buff your skin to greatness with a loofah brush. After the scrub, your body will be hydrated with a silky veil of moisture. Do not shave prior to service.

  • 30 min.$108

Maui Salt Glow

Transport yourself to the tropics with our signature scrub. Uses the intoxicating scent of Kai, the body polish combines exfoliating salt with hydrating sugar for healthy and glowing skin. Followed by the Kai scented moisturizer containing safflower seed oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, and cucumber fruit extract to leave your skin exotically smooth and delicately scented. All products used in this scrub are paraben, sulfate and phthalate free, cruelty free and never tested on animals.

  • 30 min.$118

Brown Sugar Scrub

This scrub uses premium Turbinado Brown Sugar making it antibacterial and great for a variety of skin conditions. A nutrient-rich treatment formulated for those who require aggressive exfoliation. It's formulated with six luxurious oils, plus it's loaded with omega oils and botanical extracts which help heal, rejuvenate, and revitalize the skin. Vitamins A & E are included for their antioxidant properties.

  • 30 min.$118

Sanctuary Room Experience

Escape to tranquility in the Sanctuary Room with your own private steam shower and personal whirlpool tub run for you by our spa technician with herbs and oils customized for your tranquility. All of us need a little alone time and this is how you can get it!

  • 30 min.$48


Amadeus Spa Signature Facial

AOur Signature facial is a European Style facial that is customized to meet your needs. The reason it is a “classic” is because it works! This relaxing facial begins with a deep pore cleansing and exfoliation of surface dead skin, followed by a complete skin analysis under a mag lamp. This is where the skin care specialist will customize the products for your European facial which consists of steam, European technique facial massage including neck, décolleté and upper back, followed by a customized mask. While your mask is on you will receive a hand treatment. Your facial is completed with a veil of hydration for your newly cleansed face.

  • 90 min.$228

European Facial

This classic deep cleansing and massage technique facial is privy to Europeans to stimulate facial muscle to keep your skin youthful! After complete analysis, your Esthetician will customize products used for your stimulating face, neck, décolleté and upper back massage. Specialty mask and seal in all that goodness with a veil of moisture. Simple radiance!

  • 75 min.$158

Executive Facial

The Executive facial is ideal for the busy executive who needs the European style deep cleansing facial but doesn’t have the time. The difference from the Signature facial is a shorter massage.

  • 45 min.$108
  • 60 min.$128

Refresher Facial

A short and sweet facial for someone who needs a quick skin fix. This facial consists of basic cleansing, analysis, mask and hydration. No deep pore cleansing or massage in this facial.

  • 30 min.$88

Men’s Facial

A facial geared just for men with products developed specifically for men’s skin. Most men have never received a facial but they are the ones that need professional care the most because of neglect, shaving and over exposure to the sun. This treatment addresses issues of overactive oil glands, hydration, sun damage, ingrown hairs, and razor irritation. This facial is a great way to introduce men to a daily skin care regime that is simple and will assist in maintaining their youth.

  • 60 min.$128

Teen Facial / Acne Facial

Start your teenager (pre teen) with proper hygiene for their skin. It may be simple cleansing techniques for over active hormones which cause acne; our skin care specialist will guide your special teenager to proper daily skin care.

  • 45 min.$108

Brazilian Propolis Facial

Straight from the Brazilian Rainforest, propolis is a key ingredient in building the health and immunity of the skin. This treatment will nourish, hydrate and remineralize all skin types achieving phenomenal results.

  • 60 min.$148

"HOT" Enzyme Facial

Sour glycolic facial is great for those who want to address fine lines, acne, hyper pigmentation and dryness. This is a “treatment facial” not pampering. If you want pampering, choose another facial but if you desire results and can handle a little “heat” this is for you. Best results are achieved when done in a series and/or home glycolic program used at home.

  • 60 min.$188

Hydration Facial

This facial targets dry or mature skin. The Hydrate Mineral Masks’ original complex restores the skins freshness, vitality and moisture level. This treatment can be done in between or in place of our more aggressive treatments.

  • 60 min.$148

Echo II Pure Oxygen Facial

The patented ECHO2 Oxygen treatment is unlike any other. The dramatic visible results are astonishing! The treatment combines 87 different vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids with the aid of pure oxygen gas to penetrate the skin. The spraying of the oxygen gas allows your skin to receive concentrated doses of vitamin A, E, and C to assist the regeneration of natural collagen and leaves your skin moisturized and revitalized. Great for almost anyone with any skin type. **This treatment is not recommended for expectant mothers, anyone with skin cancer, or aloe allergies**

  • 30 min.$118
  • 45 min.$148
  • 60 min.$178

Pumpkin Peel Facial

Experience smoother, softer, newly revitalized skin. An acid enzyme makes this an excellent alternative to the stronger AHA’s and provides over 100 nutrients including beta carotene, ascorbic acid and vitamin C. Provides cleansing, exfoliation, massage, extractions, a pumpkin peeling masque, and moisturizers. This aromatic treatment leaves you craving for pumpkin pie!

  • 60 min.$148

European Aqualift

This treatment was designed to encourage the formation of new cells and to help stimulate cellular activity. A European formulation with highly nutritious marine based mask gently applied and lifted to reveal skin that is visibly smoother and hydrated.

  • 90 min.$188


Series are recommended for best results - 10% off of 4 or more series.

  • 30 min.$108
  • 45 min.$138
  • 60 min.$168
  • 90 min.$258

Facial Enhancements

Eye Renewal Treatment - Add $20

Echo II Oxygen Energizer - Add $68

Glycolic Peel - Add $55

Custom Ampoule - Add $38

Scalp Treatment - Add $20

Glycolic Peel Hands - Add $35

Paraffin Hand Treatment - Add $20


Spa Me Amadeus Specialty Packages

Fairmont Spa Getaway

Refresh with this great half day retreat with a full 60 minutes Massage, Amadeus European Facial, Fitness Lunch, and our award winning Spa manicure and Spa pedicure. Escape for Four and Half hour!

  • 4 hr. 30 min.$378

The Gentleman’s Quarterly

Unwind and de-stress monthly and positively quarterly! Men need to “clean up” at Amadeus regularly! Tropical vacation may be out of the question, but watch what four hours at Amadeus Spa will do for your well being. Start with a 60 minute massage, deep cleansing Men’s Facial, Fitness lunch, Men’s Manicure and lastly a design cut by our expert cutter for men! Renew yourself in 4 hours.

  • 4 hr.$348


From head to toe, not an inch of skin is left out! Your Roman Body Facial will give you a bit of decadence of the “Roman” era. After your rinse off, you can then drift off during your Spa Facial while our expert Esthetician analyzes your skin’s potential. Even your hands will be treated to a relaxing Paraffin Hand Treatment with our essential oils and lotion. Warning: Your body will feel baby soft and you may just get hooked! Decadence for 3 hours.

  • 3 hr.$368

Body Break

After 60 minutes of massage bliss will be followed with a skin quenching Kona Loofah Glow. This treatment will exfoliate and remove dull surface skin cells to allow your healthy skin to glow. A veil of our TEA body lotion will be applied to seal in the moisture. It’s an unbeatable way to end the day! Includes a take home TEA body lotion for daily moisturizing. 1 hour 45 minutes.

  • 1 hr. 45 min.$218

Take Two (Most popular Spa package gift for all occasion)

Our most popular combination! Our Esthetician will customize your facial using an array of top array of professional products to get your skin to optimal shape. You will then be transported to one of our award winning massage therapists to a full 60 minute Massage. Heavenly! 2 hours and 15 minutes.

  • 2 hr. 15 min.$228

Amadeus Day Of Beauty

Pamper yourself or your loved one with a day at Amadeus Spa. Starting with a Thirty Minute Massage followed by a Kona Loofah Glow. Then our expert Esthetician will customize your Executive Facial, clean up your eyebrows with organic wax and a paraffin hand treatment. Enjoy a Fitness Lunch in the rest area. Your hands and feet will be treated to our award winning Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure just before the relaxing Scalp Treatment take you away to complete relaxation. Our Designer Hair Stylist will consult with you to Cut and Style your hair to perfection. Complete the look with a Makeup Application by our Makeup Artist. Men will substitute the Makeup Application with a Mini Back Facial. 8 Hours of Bliss!

  • 8 hr.$658

Carpe Diem

Seize the day for complete rejuvenation! (May be split into two days). A Thirty Minute soak in the Sanctuary Room (Newport, Green St. and Paseo only) with our mixture of essential oils prepares you for our award winning 60 minute Massage and Foot Reflexology. Get ready for the intoxicating Roman Body Facial. Next, receive our nationally acclaimed customized Signature Facial with our expert Esthetician. Take a break and enjoy a Fitness Lunch before your award winning Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure. Taking care of the often neglected scalp, an Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment to deep cleanse and stimulate healthy hair growth. Your Hair will be Cut and Styled to perfection by our Designer after a full consultation. Top it off with an “up to the minute” Makeup Application with the latest colors. For men, Mini Back Facial will be substituted for the Makeup application. 10 hours of Indulgence.

  • 10 hr.$728



For everyday wear, a special event, or an evening on the town.

  • 1 hr.$88

Bridal/Black Tie

For evening wear, weddings, proms, and other more formal occasions with more dramatic make-up.

  • 1 hr.$98

Teen Lesson

Schedule an appointment for your teen to learn how to apply make-up for everyday wear.

  • 1 hr.$78


**Please remove mascara and contacts prior to service**

  • Brow Tint (European Formula)$38
  • Lash Tint (European Formula)$48
  • Individual Lashes$48
  • Strip Lash Application$38
  • Semi Permanent Individual Lash ExtensionFull $38, Parial $228
  • Semi Permanent Individual Lash Extension Fills$88

Hand & Feet

Spa Manicure

A thorough nail and cuticle shaping following by a revitalizing and relaxing hand massage. Nails polished or buffed to perfection

  • 1 hr.$38

Spa Pedicure

A soak in aromatic water, thorough toe nail and cuticle shaping, calluses smoothing (a few treatment may be needed depending on condition of calluses) followed by a revitalizing and relaxing feet and lower leg massage. Toe nails polished to perfection! (French Toe Polish available as upgrade).

  • 1 hr.$68

Customized Signature Manicure Treatment

Upgrade a Spa Manicure to a Signature Manicure Treatment and your Manicurist will customize your manicure with either European alpha hydroxyl acid exfoliation mask, Glycolic Treatment, Pumpkin Peel Mask or Microderm Crystal Cream Treatment to give your hands that extra needed attention!

  • 1 hr.$58

Customized Signature Pedicure Treatment

Upgrade a Spa Pedicure to a Signature Pedicure Treatment and your Manicurist will customize your Pedicure with either European alpha hydroxyl acid exfoliation mask, Glycolic Treatment, Pumpkin Peel Mask or Microderm Crystal Cream Treatment to give your feet and lower legs that extra needed attention! (French Toe Polish available as upgrade)

  • 1 hr.$88


Waxing Treatments

Only the best natural wax available is good enough for our guests! Women desire to be smooth and body waxing is a great and safe way to have smooth skin without unwanted hair.

  • Eyebrow Design$48
  • Eyebrow Up-keep$38
  • Lip (upper)$28
  • Chin$18
  • Hair Line$48
  • Full Face$98
  • Sideburns$28
  • Cheeks$28
  • Neckline$48
  • Full StomachStarting at $48
  • Hands$28
  • Breast Area$28
  • Under Arm$48
  • BackStarting at $68
  • Arm (full)$68
  • Arm (half)$48
  • Feet$28
  • Leg (full)$98
  • Leg (half)$78
  • BikiniStarting at $48
  • BrazilianStarting at $88
  • Ears$28
  • ChestStarting at $38
  • Full BodyStarting at $228